We are a group of young tourism professionals, local tour guides, and travel experts with many years of experience. And we want to give you the best experience in all your destinations.
Only in Peru, there are around 5000 travel agencies (legal and illegal) and more than thousands of virtual platforms that sell tours and accommodations, now imagine in all of Latin America; and also many of them do not care about the attention and good customer service, much less take care of the proper inspection and improvement of their own services.
This is how Tctrips was born, a platform with human agents that will be in charge of recommending you the best tourist services; tours, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

Peruvian official certificate
Peruvian official certificate

We are in charge of visiting and inspecting each agency and each hotel on a monthly basis, we know that there are already platforms such as TripAdvisor and Booking, which are based on the recommendations of their passengers and many of their comments are made virtually. On the contrary, we are in charge of reviewing their activities and services, this way we make sure they provide what we expect. And not only that, but we will also make an agreement for our passengers, and in this way provide them with fresh restaurants, accommodations, and hotels with the services they provide, legal agencies, and years of service. And the best thing is that if you book through our platform, you will be accessing the most affordable prices.

But the most important thing will be to help and support those small tourism businesses that often disappear for lack of customers, so also with all revenues to this page, we will be responsible for training all communities that are not known and have no knowledge about tourism.

Our Vision

We offer quality and personalized tours, no matter the type. We are recognized as the leading tour agency and operator in the world, and one that contributes greatly to the development of the tourism sector.

We hope to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors

Our core values

  1. Honesty and integrity.
  2. Commitment to the culture and society of the world.
  3. Work as a team by sharing knowledge, experience, and dedication.
  4. Clients become our friends
  5. Creativity and innovation form solidarity

We are partnerships  with https://www.machupicchurejser.dk/ and https://www.machupicchureise.de/

Travel safe and secure with no worries with Tctrips