Hello!!! Thank you for visiting us and welcome to Tc Trips. We are a group of young professional tourists, local guides and travel experts from all over the world. We have been traveling and giving unique experiences in Peru – Bolivia for many years.  Now we want to give all these great experiences to you in all your destinations – so that your visit will be unforgettable, personalized and unique (but not only that. We also want your trip to impact, contribute and bring a smile to those in need).

As you know, in Peru alone there are more than 5,000 travel agencies (legal and illegal) and thousands of virtual platforms – and now imagine that there are countless throughout South America.
Many of these agencies are self-serving, with no benefit to local people or small businesses. Other companies act only as an intermediary, pricing far above the market price and profiting by ripping off tourists. They do not care about attention and good service to the customer and even less about quality control and improvement of their own services.

Peruvian certificate
Official Peruvian certificate

This is how Tc Trips was born. A platform to cut out the middleman and connect the traveler with the right local travel agencies, agencies that really fulfill what they offer with a good service, but above all offer sustainable tourism. Both for the traveler and for their beneficiaries; agencies that really contribute to the local population and the local communities that really benefit from tourism.

“For several years, we have witnessed targeted tourism that only benefits certain cities, certain people and businesses. That’s why we at TC Trips want to take tourism to the next level, to cities, people and small businesses that have never been touched or benefited from tourism. Not only that, we also want to educate and prepare them about tourism services so that they can give our future visitors a unique experience. This is our main goal”.

Our Tours and Packages

That’s why we created the Tc Trips packages, which are packages that benefit communities, individuals, local businesses and small travel agents who really want to do something.Machu Picchu

Example: We work with different types of businesses and professionals (local guides, hotels, restaurants, transportation companies) and switch between them so that everyone benefits. We visit new businesses and go to places that have never been visited before; as long as they provide safety and good tourist service to our travelers.

We scrutinize them and make regular personal visits ourselves to measure the quality of service.

Our core values

  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Commitment to world culture and society.
  • Working as a team sharing knowledge, experience and commitment.
  • Customers become our friends
  • Creativity and innovation are underpinning

We are partnerships  with https://www.machupicchurejser.dk/ and https://www.machupicchureise.de/

“Safe and worry-free travel with Tctrips”