Government shows no interest in tourism in Peru

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The vice-president of the Hotels Corporation in Perú (SHP), Ricardo Bracale, stated that the recent restrictive measures announced by the Government, related to the mandatory confinement during the Holy Week holidays, will strongly affect the economic recovery of several guilds of the tourism sector, emphasizing the hotel industry in the north and south of the country.

Likewise, the representative explained that the Catholic celebration of Holy Week (Easter) constitutes a significant source of income for the hotel and tourism companies, especially for the establishments located in the provinces. “The measures taken by the government will severely affect the industry, which currently employs more than one million workers”, Bracale stated.

In the same vein, he stressed that the SHP has been requesting, for more than 6 months, measures to help reduce the economic loss that the tourism industry has been facing. However, Bracale points out that the Government only chose to extend the grace period of Reactive Peru to small companies, leaving aside the medium and large ones. “It is surprising that the government has promoted the use of Reactive Peru as a measure to preserve employment, encouraging the indebtedness of many hotel and tourism companies and then not allowing them to operate, pushing them into an unprecedented crisis,” he said.

In view of this, the representative of the hotel industry presents the following measures for economic reactivation, with the purpose of urgently evaluating and resolving them.

In the first place, the reduction of curfew hours in order to increase the traffic of independent clients. Secondly, the opening of the complementary services of the hotels whose protocol was approved months ago. It also requests the temporary elimination of the ITAN (The Temporary Tax on Net Assets ) and the temporary reduction of the property tax (since the assets do not generate value). Finally, it proposes the extension of the Reactive Peru grace period and the implementation of a long-term credit line to allow the industry to recover.

On the other hand, the vice-president of the SHP pointed out that the government promised to eliminate the mandatory quarantine of visitors arriving at the country in order to promote inbound tourism; however, days later it implemented “a test that has no technical reason whatsoever since it is carried out 72 hours after the one performed in their country of origin prior to the trip”, he argued.

Finally, he indicated that the various guilds that makeup CANATUR (Peruvian National Chamber of Tourism) presented the reality of the sector to the government, but did not receive any response. “There is so little receptivity that we have not been taken into account in the design of the measures that have been imposed (without reasonable support or technical explanation) for this Easter Week, once again leaving us in oblivion. A change is urgent”.

The measures implemented by the government continue to disregard the needs of the various tourism associations.

Paracas National Reserve is a reserve located in the Ica region of Peru and protects desert and marine ecosystems for their conservation and sustainable use. There are also archaeological remains of the Paracas culture inside the reserve and many museums.

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