Jubilee month begins in Cusco with offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth)


Cusco began this Tuesday its Jubilee month with a Haywarikuy or offering to the Pachamama in the main square of the imperial city. This ancestral ceremony had a special connotation due to the health crisis of the coronavirus.

“We have thanked the earth for allowing us to be here, but it has also been asked that we get out of this situation of tragedy and death soon so that Cusco returns to dance, shine and admire the world,” said the mayor of Cusco, Victor Boluarte, at the event.

The president of the Board of Prosecutors, Carlos Pérez; the general of the Fifth Mountain Brigade, Juan Valverde; the general of the VII Macro Police Region, Augusto Ríos; and the councilors of the provincial municipality participated in the activity.

The authorities participated in the hoisting of the National Flag and the flag of Cusco, as well as in the offering ceremony.

For the second consecutive year, the jubilee celebrations will be carried out in a different way due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The Municipal Company of Festivities of Cusco presented the official program of the festivity, which includes virtual and semi-presential activities.

Regarding the Inti Raymi, the central ceremony, it is still not clear if it will take place. According to the mayor of the city, Victor Boluarte, the final details on logistics, financing and health security are still to be finalized.

cusco festival of the sun
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cusco festival of the sun
Cusco began this Tuesday its Jubilee month with a Haywarikuy or offering to the Pachamama.
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