Return and Refund Policies

Tour cancellations must be made 7 days before the tour, otherwise, a 50% penalty fee will be applied to the payment, with the exception of Specified non-refundable (only the payments specified in point two will be refunded).

  1. In case of proven and documented medical impediment, a 50% penalty will be applied by the client only to the reimbursable services, and being the time limit for communicating this type of impediment is 8 hours before the service.
  2. If there is no prior communication by the party before the tour and within the specified time, 100% of the value of the tour will be lost.
  3. Tours purchased through our platform can access refunds or returns according to these policies.
  4. They are not refundable, nor reprogrammable, nor transferable:
    – Entries to the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
    – Train tickets.
    – BTG tourist ticket.
  5. They are reprogrammable after 12 hours communication under a penalty of 30% of the tour:
    – Transportation and guide service.
    – Transfer service to the hotel.
    – Food included in any tour.
    – Entrance to any tourist attraction not included in the BTG.
  6. They are transferable, under a penalty of 10% of the tour cost:
    – Transport and guide service.
    – Transfer service to the hotel.
    – Food included in any tour.
  7. Hotel pick-up has a tolerance of 5 minutes waiting time (group tours), once this time is over it will be the responsibility of the client to transfer to the point where the mobility is located.
  8. In case of negligence on the part of the client, there will be no refund of any kind.
  9. The visiting times to the tourist attractions are exact, in case the client does not respect them and is affected by this action, no refund will be offered.